She Is Cheating On You: Be Wise and Set Your Boundaries

Did you know that even women cheat on their husbands? Well, this is, of course, against a common myth that only men cheat on their women. Today; some women are walking behind their husbands’ back to do the ‘unbelievable!’ And it may take time before you know that she is cheating on you.

Could she be cheating on you because of conflicts in your marriage, lack of finances, sexual intimacy and children? Or maybe she feels unloved, left out and lonely. Whatever the case; there are things you must avoid immediately you know she is cheating.

And…You definitely need this truth.

So, grab some popcorn as I take you through.


Man is always wired to want to fight back as a way of defending himself. But is not healthy. Not for you nor your wife, or children.

The author of How To cope with a cheating spouse, Jeffrey D. Murrah, LPC says, “One of the things after an affair is discovered is the tendency of the resolute spouse to want to hurt other people or seek revenge.

The expression that ‘hurt people hurt people’ is true because many times when we are hurting, the first thing that we want to do besides discharge all the emotion is to turn around and hurt another person. You may feel better because you have unloaded, but it is not going to bring solutions.”

See, fighting back will not give you solutions. So, why not keep off fighting back and wait until the day she finally decides she has had enough of cheating?

Involving Your Children

You may think it is wise to share with your children what is happening between the two of you but, it is not healthy. In some cases yes, but not all. Why? Of course, they will start thinking about the one they love most, and the one who is financially stable and will want to side with one.

As a result, they will cause more trouble, abhor hatred towards one parent and the like. It will be worst than before. If anything, let them know when circumstances force you to tell them such as divorce or arrest of your wife.

Neglecting Self Because She Is Cheating On You

I know how it feels, especially when it is a woman who is cheating on you. But there is no need to ‘soak’ self in depression, and self-pity as well as hatred. Of course, you know that your body weight may be affected and depression may tear you up.

That will even cause more trouble to you if it persists because you may end up treating chronic diseases such as diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure, right?

So, avoid neglecting self. You can do this by involving yourself in activities such as exercising, chatting with friends, partying and the like. Just do something that will ‘throw’ your focus to something else.

Having Sexual Intercourse

I’m sorry if I hurt you by telling you to avoid sex if she is cheating on you. Yes, I know it may not be as easy as it sounds, especially if you are sleeping on the same bed, but there are things you need to consider.

A cheating woman will sleep with almost anyone in the world as long as they can meet. What’s more? Technology has made it possible to connect strangers through the dating apps.

She may claim to be unwell and request for fare to go see her doctor, but she actually wants to go see ‘her man!’

Yes, it can happen-it happens!

If you know that she is cheating on you, yet continue to sleep with her without using protective measures, you will be exposing yourself to danger. See, ABC News reported that dating apps are contributing to the rise in STIs.

Of course you don’t want to join the list, right? Therefore, keep off having sex with her. Otherwise, use the right preventive measures.

The Parting Point

It is up to you now to decide if to set your boundaries and avoid these behaviors or to just overlook and compromise. The thing is; consequences for your choice will definitely be there. However much it may look too good to avoid, think again before acting.

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