15 Things To Do on Maternity Leave [Ultimate Guide]

Maternity leave is the duration when a mother stops working when she is about to deliver or has adopted a baby. It normally lasts for about 12 weeks.

Whether it is your first, second, or your third baby, having a baby always requires some adjustment.

The following tips will guide you on how to make your maternity leave more comfortable and enjoyable at the same time.

Set realistic goals

Many mothers set unattainable presumptions in their minds of how maternity leave will look like. For instance, they might assume that they will rearrange their wardrobe or bounce back to their most liked soap opera. Remember that your body needs time to regain from delivery. Prioritize resting and self-care.

Keep a journal

Many times you will be alone with your baby.  In times like this, ideas might cross your mind that relate to your job, your plans for the baby and many more. Put them down on paper in a journal. Journaling assists you in fitting into motherhood and work. It also relieves you from stress and tension.

Accept your new reality

Accept that you can’t do your hair or make-up regularly. You have to accept your new look and be comfortable with it. Adjusting to motherhood requires a lot of energy and commitment and it is important to embrace it.

You only have one job

As a woman, it’s natural to multitask. You can cook while chatting with your friends, respond to emails while listening to your favorite music, and many more. When on maternity leave the only multitasking you can do best is change a diaper and listen to her cries at the same time. On the first days it is normal to feel like you are doing less or nothing at all, remember that your main duty is caring for your baby.

Accept help

In contrast to work, you will not get any gift for doing all the work alone. Accept help from your husband, relatives, or your neighbors in doing household chores like laundry or washing dishes. If there is no one to offer a helping hand, just let the house be untidy for a few days, it shouldn’t bother you very much.

Have a professional photo taken

It is advisable to take your baby’s photo during the first ten days, this is simply because they grow at a speed.

Solidify care plans

You should not wait until the last days of your leave to start looking for someone to take care of your baby when you resume work. You should have a well-outlined program for who will take over the work of a nanny.

Arrange a backup plan

If your nanny gets sick or quits without notice, what will you do as a mum? Will you not report to work? Or where will you take your kid? Always have a backup plan in hand. For instance, you can take her to your friend or relative but you must inform them first and have their consent so they can know that they are on your backup list.

Take progression pictures

Record your baby’s progress with photos, it will assist you to seize special occasions, also you can compare her growth and fully enjoy every stage.

Set the right diaper bag

You should get a bag that can accommodate your baby’s stuff like diapers, wet wipes, a pair of extra clothes, a phone, and your keys. It shouldn’t be so squeezed or too baggy.

Research on the best diaper and diaper pails to use and know the suitable size which can accommodate the rapid growth of your baby.

Postpartum checkup

You must go for a checkup to confirm if you are healing from labor and birth even when you are feeling okay. Every kid wants a healthy mom.

Ease into exercise

Before getting into exercise, consult your doctor on when to start working out. Begin with a walk, later set your speed, and moderately expand the time and the strides of your walk. Remember to get the best workout pants that fit into your new body.

Get involved in a mommy group

This helps to beat the loneliness that comes after having a baby. It’s a spring of advice that is trendy.

Treat yourself

You deserve a reward for being the best mom that you are!  You can treat yourself in many ways like manicure and pedicure, read an interesting article, watch a movie, visit a zoo or prepare your best drink and sip it slowly.

Learn to live in the moment

The secret to a healthy mind and body is not to worry so much about the past or the future, live the present moment, and cherish it. Stop worrying too much about your work, wondering how the work is progressing without you or how the baby will cope after your leave is over.

Don’t let the future snatch your joy. Take your time to count your blessings, like how you had a safe delivery, a beautiful baby, and many more. Practicing thankfulness makes you more appreciative of the time you spend with your baby.

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