Why Do My Pants Roll Down At The Waist, And How Do I Fix This?

One of the troublesome questions you will hear from women who love hitting the gym and doing exercise is, “Why do may pants roll down at the waist?”

Just to mention, several things contribute to the rolling down of your pants, for instance, pants’ weak elastic, wrong method of washing of the pants, and having a small waist but large thighs.

While it can be so annoying to keep pulling your pants, it can also be very embarrassing, right? So, how do we fix this problem?

Let’s get into details.

Why Do My Pants Roll Down At The Waist?

1.     Poor Washing Method

The first thing you do when you buy a pant is to check the washing instructions. Some pants need to be washed using cold water so as not to damage the elastic. Apart from that, if you stretch your pants often when washing, they are likely to lose their strength. Thus, they will become loose and roll down all the time.

2.     Bad Size

Well, we don’t have to say that if the pants are oversized, you will have to keep on pulling them back to their position. Who wants that? So, only go for pants that fit you. One way to tell if you have the right size is by ensuring that the waistband line reaches the tummy.

If it goes below the belly, it is most likely to roll down. A high rise pant will not embarrass you.

3.     Body Shape

Most women will measure their waistline to determine the right size to buy for a pant. However, if you have big thighs, you will have pants rolling down more than they stick up there.

On the other hand, if you have been doing exercises, you might be shocked to realize that you have lost more weight than you expected, or even gained.

Monica, who is a nutritionist as well as chef, says that Trackers Can Sabotage Weight Loss. Definitely, if you lose weight unexpectedly, you will most likely notice that your once-fitting pants are now rolling down so fast, right? Why? The recent change of your body size and shape.

4.     Weak Elastic

Like we have mentioned previously, the bad washing method could cause the elastic to lose its strength. When this happens, your pants can cause the worst embarrassment in a year. It happened to me once. Seven years down the line, I still remember how embarrassing the whole experience was.

Apart from the wrong washing method, age could also cause the elastic to lose its strength. This is the exact reason why mine messed me up.

Now that we answered, “Why do my pants roll down at the waist?” let’s see how you can sort out this issue.

4 Incredible Ways of Fixing the Problem of Pants Rolling Down

a.     Use Padded Underwear

Well, if you are like me, you will not go for padded underwear as they can be too warm to bear. However, when it comes to preventing your pants from going down, you will not miss it.

Nonetheless, if the underwear is padded, it will also increase the size of your butts. If that is not what you want, consider the other options we have discussed below.

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b.     Buy a Belt

One of the sure and effective ways of stopping pants form always rolling down is by using a belt. Nonetheless, most women don’t like wearing belts.

How about you try a narrow classic belt and see how it goes? I believe that it will give you a new look and help you keep focused on your exercising goals since your pants will obey the order!

c.      Go High-Rise

Technology has changed. And with that, you can get a high rise or low rise pants. Low rise pants, like we mentioned, are not worth it, especially if you are going for a vigorous workout.

So, look for the high-rise pants.

d.     Replace With A New Pant

Definitely, old pants will require a replacement but not repair if you want them to stick to the waste line properly. Women who use the workout pants to hide cellulite rarely have issues with pants going down.

If you do not have a problem with cellulite, just ensure that you go for pants that have a high-quality waste line. Such will definitely last long.

Just like you would want to have your breasts firm by using the best push-up bra for sagging breasts, it would also be wise to have your pants fitting comfortably, while you work out.

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