He Has No More Interest in You: 5 Signs To Look out For

Remember that day he gave you a ring? The joy, the excitement…you hardly could keep it to yourself. You called your friends to tell them the good news and “congratulations” messages were beautifying the air. Okay. But now, things have changed. He is not interested anymore. I mean; signs that he has no more interest in you are showing up now.

He no longer texts, no more calls, and the regular dates you had have suddenly vanished. When he finally calls, he has a long list of useless excuses. He wants to come, but he is coming to use your body! Once he has had enough, he has nothing more to do with you.

No more interest

Your heart bleeds, and you are not sure where you stand. You are trying hard not to imagine the worst. The sight of the ring makes things even more unbearable for you. “What do I do?” “Do I end it and or do I push on?” “Could these be signs that he has no more interest in me?”

See, here are 5 signs that he has no more interest in you.

1. Lots of Excuses 

So, he makes a call and says that he is going to take you out. Great! You are now untouchable and bubbling with joy and excitement.

A few days to the D-day you visit your hairdresser to have your hair well set and your nails well polished. After all, you are the “queen,” and the world should know.

You wake up earlier than other days to make sure you have enough time to dress to ensure all is okay before he finally comes to pick you up for the date.

Your eyes are glued to the phone and every time your phone rings you rush to answer only to see it’s somebody else calling. Finally, it’s time when he should be arriving. Minutes later, no call. “I know he is about to arrive,” you say to yourself.

Hours later, he hasn’t come, and he has not made a call. “Could something have happened to him on his way here?” you ask. You decide to call him, but he won’t answer. When you send him a text, you get no response!

You feel wasted, drained, and angry. Could this be one of the signs that he has no more interest in you? You hope he will call the next day, but he hardly calls or texts.

Worthless Excuses

Three days later he calls and gives you an excuse that is worthless!

Just forgive even when it feels difficult. After all, you do not want to “spill the beans,” right? So, you invites him to your house. You prepare a great meal for him.

Does he turn up? No! Does he call? Never!

A week after, he calls and gives stinking excuses.
Oh dearest, this is one of the signs that he has no more interest in you.

2. No More Texts or Calls

Your days have been auspicious, and glorious. He calls you even five times a day, and you are just fine with it. Texts keep on pilling in your inbox as if you have not met for years. However busy you may be, you have enough time to text back.

You are now sure that you have finally found your Mr. Right. You have informed your family members, and you’ll be visiting them soon to give them the updates.
Several days later, he shifts from calling several times to only once or twice a day. You don’t have any issue with that. “He could be busy today,” you say.

Next? He stops calling, and you decide to call him, but there is no reply. Before you know it, he has gone silent for a week. You feel worried that he may be unwell or may have lost his phone. So, you text him to know what could be the issue.

One hour later he has not responded.

No more calls
Your day in the office feels longer than usual. When it’s finally time to go home, you walk straight to his house.

You knock, and he allows you in but wait…there is no hug, no “welcome,” not even a smile to show that he is glad you came.
Somehow you feel confused, but again, you want to know why he did not answer your calls.

The best he can say is he wanted a break, or he was too tired to call back. However painful it may be, it’s good you know that this one of the first signs that he is losing interest in you.

Walk away and try to recover as soon as you can.

3. Overreacting is a Sign That He Has No More Interest in You

In the recent days, many relationships have suffered a lot due to one or both partners overreacting which usually comes from lack of interest for one another. Some will harm one another and to some extent, strangle the life out of a friend.

Overreacting is a Sign That He Has No More Interest in You

We have read it or somehow have heard that the bible says, “Love covers a multitude of sins.” Right? Anyone who loves you will want to forgive you a thousand times without caring.

And if you have made a mistake that made him lose trust in you; he should approach you with love to correct you.

In such cases where he overreacts because you added too much sugar in his tea, or you didn’t cook him his delicious meal, and this wasn’t how he behaved previously, try and apologize.

Nevertheless, if he continues to be rude, beats you for no apparent reason even when you try to be good or perfect, know that these are signs that he is losing interest in you. And no, don’t fight back.

Things might run out of hand, and there could be no one to help you. The truth is, he is not interested anymore and is seeking ways to get you out of his way.
Accept the hard truth and walk away while you are safe and alive.

4. He Only Comes For Sex

This is the most dangerous of the signs that he has no more interest in you especially if it happens on the first day, week or month after proposing to you.

Yes, you heard me right. Let me explain. You see, if he has no other interest in you, and the only thing that brings him to your house is sex, you can be sure that you will not spend the future with him.

In short, he considers you as a sex dustbin where he throws his sexual desires.

He Only wants sex
It is good to be careful and walk away immediately you realize that he only wants to use your body. Why? Chances are that he has a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) and wants to transfer it to you because he cares not.

On the other hand, he could be having another girlfriend that he treasures more than you thereby considering you as a sex material. Worst still is that he could be having a wife and children whom you know nothing about.

Other signs that he has no more interest in you could be something to reconsider, but this one puts your life in danger. Break loose as soon as now!

5. He No Longer Takes You Out

All of a sudden he has become unavailable.

no interest in you

A month after another he hardly has time to take you out although previously you could not miss a weekend together.

While this is going on, he has enough time to spend with friends and family members.

In other words, he is not interested anymore and is only trying to show you by keeping you off.

But how do you know this?

You will know it if every weekend you call him he says he went to see his friends or he is with his family members. I don’t mean that he should not visit his friends and family, but it should not be an excuse every other weekend.

Again, if he truly loves you, he will take you with his friends and clearly show you and them that he loves you even in their presence. After all, he doesn’t want you to feel lonely while he is out with friends.

That’s a fact!

Again, if your relationship has been there for months, he should also be comfortable taking you to his family members so that they can know you. Otherwise, lack of dates is one of the many signs that he has no more interest in you.

The Verdict

Let these 5 signs that he has no more interest in you, act as a warning that you are no longer part of his life.

However, don’t kill yourself. Don’t harm your life either. It is better to break a relationship than a marriage. The fact is, he is just not your Mr. Right. Chances are that he will cause you trouble later in life and you will live to regret it.

Again, if he was able to take note of you; smile, and say to yourself, “Someone else, much better, caring, loving and worthy will take notice of me again!”

No matter how dark the path may be, let these words lighten it up.

Embrace yourself, take care of yourself, because your Mr. Right might spot you any time soon!

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