How to Gain Trust Again In Marriage after Blowing It Off

Did you know that most people are struggling to gain trust again from their spouses after misconduct?

In fact, in recent days, several behaviors have cause many marriage partners to lose trust with each other. For example, misuse of money, or stealing cash from a joint account, lying, attempting to kill, and infidelity among others are some of the misconducts making partners to lose trust with their spouses.

Trust me

Worst still is that a marriage journey full of uncertainty begins immediately.

Feeling desperate after such behaviors and the need to reconcile with your spouse may push you to seek ways to gain trust after such conducts. Nonetheless, you should know that it may take time.

So, how do you go about regaining trust from your spouse?

Stick to Your Words

Telling your spouse that you will change yet do the opposite can only make things worse for you. Remember, you are trying to gain trust again. If you, therefore, fail to honor your words; your spouse will only get angrier with you, and they will want to distant themselves with you.


As a serious person who is willing and determined to see their marriage stand again; once you confess and apologize, remember to promise your spouse that whatever you did will never be repeated.

However, don’t just say, stick to your words-that is what rebuilds trust. No matter the situation, stick to what you say.

In fact, this is one way to help gain trust again from your spouse fast especially when they realize that you have changed and are keeping your promise(s).

Accept the Mistake You Have Done

No one is perfect. Sometimes even when you love your spouse; you may make mistakes that may make them lose trust in you. Nonetheless, the first thing you need to do is to accept the mistake you have done. Lay down your ego even if you are the man of the house; accept that you have done the mistake(s).


At this point, when you are trying to gain trust again from your spouse; it is necessary to avoid giving excuses.

The other worst thing to do at this time is to justify yourself. Instead of doing that, admit that you have made a mistake.

Humble Yourself and Seek Forgiveness

At times, seeking forgiveness seems more of a punishment than a way to heal your marriage.

Well, it, however, depends on how you view it. Take, for example, you value your marriage, and though you did the wrong thing, you still love your spouse endlessly. Do you seek forgiveness or walk away?

Of course, you humble yourself and seek forgiveness as soon as possible.

Humble yourself to gain trust again

Also, avoid doing things for the sake of it. That is; genuinely seek forgiveness from your spouse so as to gain trust again.

Honesty Helps Gain Trust Again

At times, depending on what you have done, you feel tempted to lie or hide some information with the aim of trying to minimize trouble with your spouse.

One thing is for sure; the truth will always emerge at one point in your marriage-life. When that happens, it will be a big blow to you. On the other hand, the moment your spouse knows that you were not honest with them, they will feel betrayed even the more, and it will cause more pain to the wound that is (was) healing.


It is, therefore, necessary to be honest with your spouse even when you are trying to gain trust again. This way; when your spouse gets to know the truth, they will be happy with you the moment they realize that you were honest with them regardless of the situation that was at hand. Henceforth, you’ll not deal with trust issues anymore.

Work on Yourself

At that time, which you have done something that may make your partner not to trust you again; you should be careful how you conduct yourself. That is; be cautious with the way you do things, how you talk as well as treat them.

Why is this necessary? Whatever you do at this time can be misinterpreted and cause more problems. On the other hand, during that season when you are working hard to gain trust again, you should ensure that you avoid making the mistakes you had done.

Work on yourself

Also, avoid anything that would make you repeat such misconducts.

Let’s give an example. In a case where you are accused of being unfaithful; it is necessary to cut off all communication including social media chats; with your ex since they may have negative impacts on your marriage.

Don’t Rush

It may take time before your spouse can trust you again-that is for sure! It is; therefore, wise to give your partner enough time to heal from the pain you have caused them. They may behave awkwardly towards you during this time. Don’t worry; just give them some time to heal. You may also have to deal with harsh words as they talk to you. Try to be calm.

On the other hand, avoid acting wickedly towards them in a bid to revenge for their actions or words-it is not necessary. In addition, be sure not to cause more mess by being hostile to them.

On the other hand, avoid pressurizing them so that they can forgive you. Don’t even push them so that they can believe your words.

The Verdict

Definitely, without trust, a marriage will hit the rock. That is why; trust is the foundation that each marriage should be built on so as to enjoy a happy marriage. Once trust is lost, the marriage becomes shaky and may scramble at any time. Worst still is that though it is easy to trust someone, once trust is lost, it may never be regained.

However, it is always wise to try to gain trust again, even if you did the “worst” crime. If after applying the steps shared in this post, your partner still finds it hard to trust you, it would be good to seek help

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