How to Make a Long Distance Marriage Work (Effective Strategies)

Being in a long distance marriage can lead to so many problems that would not be there if you were living together at all times. Such problems may be a result of feeling lonely, abandoned, lack of communication, among others.

While most couples want to have a source of income, most times, jobs that are far from home can cause a marriage to crumble down. Does it mean you should stop working to sustain your marriage? That would only be a good choice if you can get a transfer or a similar or better job within your home town.

However, if that is not possible, the best thing to do is to apply tips that will make your long-distance marriage work.


For instance, communicate regularly, prepare yourself mentally and emotionally, keep of tempting zones, and give them enough support even when you are away.

Ready to apply these tips? Let’s take a closer look at each of them and a few others.

1. Prepare Yourself Mentally and Emotionally

Long distance-spend time together

You may feel stressed-up on the eve of parting. The desire to spend more time together may make you feel downcast. This is the right time to prepare yourselves mentally and emotionally. How?  Spend time together.

You may decide to have an intimate talk or take a drink and a meal together.

You may hold hands and remind each other how much you love and treasure each other.  Also, you may as well have sex.

This will not only connect you emotionally but will also prepare you mentally. That way; parting the next day will be easier than it could have been.

2. Know What She Loves; Give It to Her

Recognizing what your wife loves and treasures is a good thing. While you will be away, ensure that she has something that reminds her of your love towards her.

Give a gift that assures her you care and that she is always in your mind.

You see, what many people don’t realize is that long distance marriage can make one partner feel as if their partner never cares or have no more interest in them, right?

Let your gift prove her otherwise. It can be a dress, shoes she has always wanted to own, a car and the like.


Such gifts give her a reason why she should wait for you and care for our children while you are away.

3. Ensure She Has Enough

One huge mistake, as a husband, you can make it so leave the family in financial need. In this case, we are imagining that you have the full potential to support them. However, you chose to withdraw your support.

Think about it. Your family needs to eat, drink, travel, and cater for any medical needs. While you are away, how will they manage these financial needs?

Frankly, this is one of the pitfalls of a long distance marriage.

Even though you will be sending them money once in a while, before you leave, ensure that they have enough to keep them going before you send them cash again. Failure to do so, especially when dealing with a lazy wife may lead to so many problems.

Don’t be surprised when infidelity takes over your marriage. Why? Some women will do anything to have enough money to take care of herself and children if they cannot get it from you. Don’t be foolish; provide generously for your family.

4. Communicate Regularly

If you are in a long distance marriage, ensure that you communicate often. Lack of communication makes your partner think you care less. It creates a gap between you; thus, making the other person feel void. The need to fill the void could be the beginning of hard times in your marriage.

For instance, you may start thinking that since your partner never cares, the best thing to do is to go out with a co-worker who seems to care and love you.

Do not allow a gap to exist. Communicate with your spouse often.

Create time to chat, make a call, or send texts; it means a lot.


That way; you get to know how your family is doing and if they need any attention from you.

5. Say It As It Is-Don’t Fear

At times, a spouse may decide to take part in an unacceptable business while the spouse is away. That can be the sale of properties, practicing sorcery as well as witchcraft, infidelity, theft, among others.

The moment you realize your partner is taking part in such things; don’t keep quiet due to fear of losing your marriage. Say it as it is. Long distance marriage should not be a cover-up of misconduct and unacceptable immoral behaviors.

Tell God to give you the confidence and courage to address the issue with wisdom.

Failure to address such conducts will pave the way for more misconducts and lack of respect from your spouse. Your children might also take the same direction if you do not deal with such conducts.

6. In Long Distance Marriage: Avoid Temptations

As a married couple, temptations may be there. The fact that you are in a long distance marriage means that you may not always have the chance to satisfy your sexual urge all the time.

That may push you to the wall, and you may want to look for an alternative.

That is; you may decide to watch pornography, visit friends of the opposite gender, or have sexual intercourse with a close friend.

Trust me; the trouble you will be leading yourself into will be worse than what you are trying to deal with. Let’s make a step further and explain. Sleeping with another person apart from your partner will draw your attention from your spouse, and you will lose interest in her.

As a result, the love for your partner will diminish, and you won’t care about her anymore. The results? There will be a gap that will hinder you from supporting your family, both financially and emotionally. That will mark the beginning of the downfall of your long distance marriage.

Also, avoid watching movies that will make you think about sex. Avoid talks with people (both genders) that don’t amount to anything constructive.

In additions, keep off zones that will lead you into temptations.

Temptations-long distance marriage

Finally, keep your mind busy by reading books, playing games, attending church services, and the like. Before you know it, you will have overcome the temptations.

Over to you

Don’t allow long distance marriage to keep you away from having a good marriage. Try out each of these tips. It is never too late to try again. It is never too late for your marriage to take a new turn.

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