What is the Secret for a Happy Marriage: Tips That Will Lead To a Successful Marriage

The speed at which marriages break after the colorful wedding is heartbreaking. While everyone else hopes that the marriage will last, the shocking thing is that most marriages hardly last for a year! But why?

Many couples do not know the secret to a happy marriage, and that has contributed to bored marriages where love dies as soon as the honeymoon is over.


Don’t let this be the kind of marriage you will have. You have the potential to enjoy a successful marriage that is forever ‘new’ due to the acts of love and kindness that you show one another. But how will you achieve that?

Applying the following secrets gives you a successful marriage even in your old age.

Work On Your Bond

While romance is bound to be in your bedroom, it is good you go for a ‘honeymoon’ once in a while.

You can even make it a surprise for your spouse.

Let me give you a hint.

Make a prior arrangement with the management of that hotel you know she loves. Buy some flowers, a new dress, or a new pair of shoes and have them on the bed of that hotel room you intend to spend together.

Good if you have a sticker showing that it is hers.

You can also buy some rose flowers and use them to write her name on the bed.

On that day, while it is in the evening, tell her that you need to take her out. Let her order her favorite meal. And while it is too late to go home, suggest that it is wise to spend the night in the hotel other than going back home since it may put your lives to danger.

Whoa! You got her right inside the box! Amazing. While you are sure, everything is in order, walk to the reception and get that key.

Make sure you open the door and allow her in first. Believe you me; she will cry, kiss you, hug you as she says endless ‘thank you.’


You got it; it’s a secret to a happy marriage.

Appreciating One Another Is a Secret to a Happy Marriage

Don’t take everything for granted. Indeed, it is her role to cook a delicious meal every day. That’s fine. But don’t be like every other man. Be that special man who appreciates her efforts to give you a delicious meal. After all, that is who you are and should always be.

Wait while she is coming to serve you like any other day. And before she can place that plate on the dining table, kneel to receive it.

What about if you tell her some sweet words like, “Thank you so much, honey. You’re the best I could have. Your meals are ever delicious. Congratulations, and thank you for your great meals.”

Appreciate your partner

This is one act that will make her face glow and shine, and she will always want to give you the best meal ever. See, you can have a successful marriage due to the small thing that people tend to think matters less? Know the secret and apply it in your marriage.

Oh, and lady, remember those days he brings you a pizza just to keep you off the kitchen for a day or two? What do you do? Kneel and murmur some kind words and season them with a few kisses. However, not every man will do this.

Nevertheless, a few that know the secret to a happy marriage will do that, and you need to celebrate and appreciate him for that.

Take up Your Partner’s Role

While he is busy planning a surprise date for you, why don’t you buy a nice pair of shoe for him and place it right where he sleeps?

Trust me, little things matters, and this is one secret to a happy marriage.

Take her role

What about you clear the table after dinner, walk straight to the kitchen and wash those utensils for her even when she is not pregnant or tired? Believe you me; your marriage will be one of those few ones many can admire.

These little things will really make your marriage glow. You now have another secret to a happy marriage, grab it, and run with it while it is too early.

Be Open with Your Finances

One major thing that has torn partners apart is hiding details of their finances (salaries). Why don’t you sit down together on that day after you receive your salaries and put both of your wages on the table?

Budget together depending on your needs and make sure each of you has some cash to cater for any personal needs. Decide on how much to save for future use, how much for an emergency, how much for miscellaneous expenses, for food, and the like.

Be transparent-Secret to a Happy Marriage

This way; you become one another’s manager, and you build your trust for one another, and you will enjoy a successful marriage all your days. Openness is a crucial secret to a happy marriage.

Don’t allow the joy and happiness of successful marriage to pass you by hiding details of your wages or spending money on yourself without spending some amount on one another. Don’t wait until you see the signs of separation hitting your marriage to try these tips. Act now.

Don’t Grab One Another In Your Anger

There comes a time when you two can’t settle for the same thing.

For instance, at times, even when you are ‘breathing’ love, and ‘talking’ love all day, there may be cases that can throw you into a hot dispute.

For example, I have seen a case where a couple goes out to swim, and their son drowns in the swimming pool. The mother begins shouting at the husband, asking him to help the unconscious boy.

As they wait for those attending to the boy to save his life, the wife grabs and shouts at the husband telling him to save the boy, yet he was not a doctor. Out of desperation, the husband begins to yell at her. He is angry because the wife is angry with him for a situation that is not his fault.

That is why it is crucial to calm down and solve whatever the issue may be. In desperation, you may start blaming one another even for things that none of you is guilty of. As a result, you hurt each other or kill.

Angry-Secret to a Happy Marriage

Always try to calm down and solve the problem together.

Listen carefully to each other. Don’t be judgmental and don’t interfere as your partner explains why things are as they are. And yes, many things will happen contrary to your expectations. But don’t run into a fight. Take some time before you react. Solving problems calmly is a secret that many are yet to know.

Take Away

Many marriages fail not because of lack of money, children, or intimacy; it is the small things that people think do not matter. Do not be deceived that you cannot have a wonderful marriage. Don’t wait for the manifestation of signs that he has no more interest in you.

Every secret to a happy marriage discussed here matters a lot and can change your marriage today. You now have the key to your successful marriage. G ahead and unlock the door to a happy marriage.

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