Signs a Female Coworker Likes You but Is Hiding It

We all know how risky it can be when you approach a lady for a date only to realize that she doesn’t like you; you only confused her kindness with something else. The shame! A weird feeling begins to haunt you, and your working place loses its good taste henceforth.

Well, I do not want you to go through such. So, I will give you sure signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it.

But first, you need to know that ladies shy off to express their love to a man. They fear to be put down or to become a laughing stock just in case you spill the beans to the rest of the workmates. Often, you will clearly see signs she loves you but is scared to say it.

So, which are the sure signs a female coworker likes you?

1. When You Don’t Expect It, She Compliments You

Sure signs a female coworker likes you is when she starts complimenting you in front of the other staff. She doesn’t care about what other people think about you. To her, you look amazing in that pink shirt. She adores the blue tie you wear rarely. She loves your shoes. Aww!

How about that new cut you got yesterday? She noticed it, complimented it and said you now look younger and handsome. Does it sound weird?

No, it shouldn’t! The fact is, she likes you, and since she cannot openly say it, she keeps complimenting you. Yes, even when you think you are wearing your worst suit.

2. Wants To Be Around You

Have you noticed a fellow female staff being around you even when there is nothing crucial to bring her around? Well, that is one of the signs a female coworker likes you but is scared to say.

Sometimes you may not even be in the same department, but somehow she always has something to bring her to your office. She could pretend to borrow a pen or paper. Other times, she wants your charger. It doesn’t matter if her phone is fully charged; all she wants is to be around you.

If you see this, and you equally like her, then it is your chance to act. You could even ask her for a first date.

3. Chats You More Than Other Coworkers

Whether one on one or online, you have realized that she always have something to discuss with you. It can be anything about the company you are working with, her life, your life, or her friends. You have also noticed that even when she has lots of work, she will always have some time for you.

Trust me; no one employee will chat with another staff whom they don’t like when they know they have a tight deadline to hit. They will either excuse themselves or withdraw from what you are discussing if it doesn’t relate to their office work.

Hence, if your female coworker has a tight deadline but still finds a minute or so to talk with you, you are probably the lucky man in that company.

4. Keen About How You Look

Remember that one day you came to the office late with the shirt untacked and madam secretly, broadly smiling, politely requested you to tack it in?

How about that day you took lunch and messed your tie, and no one noticed apart from madam secretary. Why is it that she is the only one who notices how you look and the areas that need to be corrected? Definitely, these are signs a female coworker likes you!

Then, why is she ignoring me if she likes me? You ask!

As long as she is not married and you know it, you should not give up chasing her if you are sure she likes you. Try new ways every time you have a chance. You never know what could happen tomorrow.

5. Shares Confidential Matters with You

Women are known to speak about everything with almost everyone. That is true. However, women also respect their boundaries. As such, they will not share confidential details about their lives and family with just anyone.

They must have some respect for somebody before they share any sensitive information. So, if she is sharing information with you, she already likes you.

To show her that you care, do also share some crucial details with her. It makes her feel trusted, loved and treasured. However, most times, it may not always be serious matters; it can also be funny shit that happened last weekend when she went hiking.

When things get this far, you can now think of shooting some arrows without fearing.

6. Favors and Cares About You than Others

A female coworker who secretly likes you will obviously favor you more than she would do to others. How do you know she favors and cares more about you than others?

Simple; she will preserve a seat for you whenever you are having a company’s trip and using the company’s car.

If your company offers a cup of tea and some snacks, even before you request her to do it, she will pick some snacks for you and a cup of tea and bring them where you are.

If she hears anyone spreading some bad rumors about you, she will stand strong to defend you even when she is not sure if what is being said is true. Anytime you notice this, just know that they are signs a female coworker likes you and probably wants to start a relationship with you.

7. Offers to Help You

Just ask yourself, if you are not in the same department, why would anyone want to help you with whatever you are doing, yet they do not specialize in that field? Surprisingly, at times, she may also be having pending tasks that need her attention, but she wants to help you anyway!

It can only be signs a female coworker likes you and is seeking ways to be close to you. She wants to please you and make you feel better. In return, she wants your love.

While all these are signs a female coworker likes you, stay away from a married coworker. Also, you should know that it can be dangerous to have an affair with a coworker as it can lead to both of you being sacked.

Still, depending on how you relate when working, having a relationship with a staff could also lower your productivity.

So, be cautious and act wisely.

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