6 Weird Signs She Loves You But Is Scared To Say It!

So, you are unsure if she is getting too friendly. Or maybe, what you are seeing are sure signs she loves you but is scared to say? You feel confused because she has never said she loves you.

You really don’t know if to approach her or to wait a little longer to determine if what you are seeing is real or just a dream that will never come true.

While it can be confusing, it can be hurting to imagine she loves you only to approach her and get an instant rebuke.

The big question, therefore, is what signs should you look out for before approaching her?

6 Weird Signs She Loves You but Is Scared to Say

 1. Responds To All Texts and Calls

Signs She Loves You But Is Scared

If every time you make her a call, she responds fast, and when you send her a text, she will reply almost instantly, then she has some feelings for you. Quick response to your texts and calls is due to the fact that she keeps looking at her phone in the hope that you will call or send her a text.

Also, if when you call, she doesn’t respond to your calls and texts but apologizes later and explains why she was not able to respond to your calls and texts; relax, you got her! These are sure signs she loves you but is scared to speak out.

2. Buys You Gifts

No one wants to part with their hard-earned money. Especially in this era where men are dumping ladies and leaving them with questions such as, “When a guy breaks up with you will he come back?” It is hard to find a lady buying a gift for a man she supposedly hopes to spend life with.

It could only be as a result of love towards you.


A gift is one of the signs she loves. She is using the gifts to express her feelings to you.

Especially if she buys precious gifts such as the best Hugo Boss Cologne, then think of having her for a wife and not just a female friend.

3. Shares the Most Confidential Matters of Her Life

Human beings only share confidential things with those they trust, right? That’s why, if you realize that she calls or sends you texts to share the least details about her life, then she is in love with you.

If, when you take her out, even on the first date, she is okay sharing every detail about her family, education, job, and financial status, she trusts you. If she shares her dreams, goals, visions, plans, and other crucial details, she must be having some feelings for you.

Signs She Loves You But Is Scared

Definitely. these are sure signs she loves you but is scared to say. That’s why she feels secure sharing everything with you.

4. Signs She Loves You but Is Scared: Maintains Eyes Contact

Eye contact is one of the powerful love signs. It conveys a lot, not only to people who are supposedly in love but also to the married. An eye contact that is longer than 4 seconds, from a lady you secretly love, is communicating something.

That could only be, “I love you, but I don’t know if to say it.”

Signs She Loves You But Is Scared

She could be wondering how to put it. Maybe she could be having enough words to express herself. But due to painful feelings from the previous relationships, she could be finding it hard to open up. Hence, when you see such eye contact, be sure they are signs she loves.

Make use of that opportunity and speak out your feelings, too. It could be the only chance you have to approach her.

5. Never Resists Your Date Requests

If the lady you are eyeing never resists your date requests unless she is unwell or is on duty, then she loves you. Definitely, she equally wants more time with you.


Especially, if you call her requesting for a date a day before when she has other plans but has no issues postponing them; she probably is not courageous enough to say she loves you.

Gentleman, tap yourself and ask for special date with her and treat her like she is your queen. Why? Postponement of her other commitments and agreeing to your date request are signs she loves you but is scared to speak out.

6. Calls You at Weird Hours

How many times have you cursed because somebody called you at weird hours? Did you do so when you saw it’s the girl you are secretly in love with who is calling? Not really, right? So, to her, it has become a habit.

She calls you even past midnight. Though you feel tired, you always answer her calls without any problems. You no longer have a keen eye on the time.  Even if you are working with the same company, don’t doubt it, this could a sign a female coworker likes you!

Most likely, something is cooking….


Emotionally, she already loves you but won’t say it.


While you may not be sure if what you are seeing are signs she loves you but is scared to spill the beans, it is necessary to be careful. You may either lose her or have her. How? If indeed they are signs, she loves you, but you never talk to her about your feelings, she might end up changing her mind.

On the other hand, if they are not signs that she loves, but you end up proposing to her, she might mute you for life.

So, only act according to the signs you see when you are sure they mean what you think!

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