First Date: The Do’s And Don’ts for an Awesome Experience

The fears of dating a man can cause you to feel nervous, especially if you have had a date that ended with lots of frustrations. On the other hand, your first date determines if there will be more dates in the future and if they will end into a successful marriage or not. Also, first-time dates can be a great opportunity to learn new things, have fun, and create strong bonds.

So, what determines the outcome of your date?

The do’s and don’ts! That is; your way of answering questions, your attitude, dressing code, and your behavior while you are together. This is, especially, the case when you are dating a person you’ve never met previously.

Let’s crack the nuts to find out more.

1. First Date; Be Cautious!

The excitement of meeting a man for the first time can make you feel excited, especially if you love him. Nonetheless, simply because you love him doesn’t mean he is a good man. On the other hand, you are not sure of his real motives.
So, be wise and inform a close friend or relative that you have a date with a particular person. Let them know where you will be meeting and for how long.

Nonetheless, ensure that they are trustworthy enough to keep secrets. Otherwise, they might spill the beans, and you might end up counting losses after your first date.

Also, be cautious. That is; be careful about where you meet. Ensure it is a public place.

location of your date

Seeing people of all ages and gender around you makes you feel safe.

2. Dress Modestly

Dressing modestly doesn’t mean you break your bank to buy expensive outfits. No. You can wear cheap, well-ironed clothes yet look costly. You see, you have never met before. Maybe you got to know one another through the dating Apps. That means; you are both eager to see how the other person looks. That is, how they dress, the kind of outfit they love and the like.

In other words, you can’t avoid this. The first thing will be looking at your physical appearance.

dress code

Yes, they may not show it, but that is bound to happen on your first date.

And no, don’t ask him how he feels about your dress code. If he is willing to say it, he will. If he doesn’t say a word about your dress code, don’t say it either.

Nonetheless, if you love how he looks, go ahead and compliment him. He may as well tell you how he feels about your dressing code. However, if he still doesn’t say a thing, it could be that he is not impressed or is too shy to say it.

Don’t push him; this could be one the first dates that you will have. You can change the dress code in the next date to see if he says anything.

3. Be Cautious About Time

Once you receive that text or phone call requesting you for a date, be sure to observe time. Let’s explain.

You’ve agreed to be available on that specific date, right? You have also set time and venue. Avoid being late. Don’t start giving excuses on your first date because you arrived late. That’s so unprofessional, and you should avoid it at all cost.
Be there at least 10 minutes before the agreed time.

Keep time

The other thing you should remember is that your first dates should be short and precise. It is a time to know one another. It is a time to know how they talk, behave, their likes, and dislikes. So, avoid meeting for many hours.

That, therefore, means that you should leave the dating venue early enough to arrive home early enough.

4. Stay Away From Your Phone

Well, social media is good, and at times, thinking of the many texts you are missing may make you want to look at your phone once in a while.

Pay attention on the first dates

However, constantly looking at your phone and answering calls or replying to texts makes him think he is wasting your time. Besides, he may feel like what he is saying is ‘nonsense’ to you and may want to give you a break-he may not return!

See, your attention is necessary. Also, looking at somebody on the face while you are having a conversation makes them feel that you are listening.

In cases where you must answer a call, ask him to allow you a minute or so. Nonetheless, don’t prolong the call. You can ask those calling to call you later.

5. Don’t Be Too Casual

Have moments of fun; laugh. Yes, don’t make it a gloomy day. It helps you know how comfortable each of you feels. After all, who doesn’t love being happy? However, do it moderately. That is; have a little humor while still focusing on the main agenda of your first date.

But you still don’t know her, right? It is no issue. You can joke about something you have realized you both love.
For instance, in your chat, you may realize that she loves a particular football team, which you also love. Also, you can joke about the terrible mistakes the other team makes.

You can also take photos.

have fun on your first date

Play around. After all, it is your day!

Humor makes her feel warm around you and makes her feel secure, too. As a result, she will be more responsive to your questions, and you will end up having fun in your first dates.

However, if you realize that she is not okay with the jokes, avoid them.

6. Don’t Give Sensitive Details

Well, you are not even sure who this person is. So, be professional and avoid giving sensitive information. For instance, don’t talk about your salary, your bank accounts, the number of plots you have and the like.


You may be dating a con who wants to rob you in the near future. Also, avoid talking about your Exes.

This is not the time to discuss the broken relationships and how you had to deal with the pain. No, your first date is a time to know each other. It is a brief moment of introducing yourselves to each other.

7. Speak Up

Let it be a conversation-two way. If it is only one person talking all the time and asking questions all the time, your first dates may be boring. It makes him feel like he pushed you to go for the date. He may also feel like you don’t like him and will want to leave immediately.


Trust me; that will be the end of dating you or even hearing from him.

8. Avoid Sex

Well, you just met, and it is your first date. What does that mean? You do not know more about this person. You are not sure if he is a cheat or not. Also, you do not know about his health status, right?  Again, you are not sure if you will spend life together in the future or not. In other words, you can’t give your body to a man after meeting him for the first time. No, you can’t unless you are a sex worker!


The authors of dating tips for finding the right person states, “Red-flag behaviors can indicate that a relationship is not going to lead to healthy, lasting love. Trust your instincts and pay close attention to how the other person makes you feel. If you tend to feel insecure, ashamed, or undervalued, it may be time to reconsider the relationship.”

In a nutshell, be watchful. If it starts with sex, it will definitely not last!

The Parting Point

Over to you now! You have all you need to make your first date fantastic and memorable.

Remember, it may be the only date you will have with him. However, never make him feel like he made the wrong choice to date you. In fact, even if you do not like him after meeting him, don’t show it the first time. After all, it makes no sense to hurt others.

Be mature enough. That is; call him or send him a text a couple of days after the date.

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