Will God Restore My Marriage after Divorce

God is the most magnificent and strongest source of help in relationships, yet many don’t make use of his guidance. Cultivation of a broken relationship requires hard work, patience, and love. You may be wondering, will God restore my marriage after divorce?

The first step to restoring your relationship is a commitment, and both parties must commit to it. That is to say, you must be willing to put all the differences aside to save your marriage. Then, there will be hope for your marriage.

Open your heart to God and learn from this article the Lord’s amazing ways that he can use to restore your marriage.

Ask and Grant Forgiveness

As much as you ask God to forgive you daily for your sins, do you grant forgiveness to others? Most times, I hear people asking, “Will God restore my marriage after divorce, yet I do not want to forgive him for what he did?” Well, here’s an honest answer; you have to forgive your spouse if you really want to have your marriage back.

However, it is not as easy as it may sound. So, seek help from God in prayers. Eventually, it will become easy to forgive your partner for any past mistakes. After all, you also needs forgiveness from God. Remember what the Bible says; he will forgive us just like we forgive others, right?

Then, make it easy for God to forgive you by forgiving your partner even after divorce.

Also, choose not to remember your spouse’s mistakes anymore. Put everything behind you once you choose to forgive and never bring it up again. With forgiveness, it will be easy to love once more, and live together again.

Do Not Rush God’s Timing

Sometimes it may take long before your marriage is restored. All hope could die and you end up giving up on ever settling again with your partner. But God’s time is always the best, remember?  On the other hand, while things are still not as per your desire, why not spend that time cultivating your relationship with your maker?

After all, he is the only one who can make things work for you again. Isn’t that so?

Again, if your relationship with God is right, all other things will fall into place.  So, examine your connection with the Lord, and also spend time with him daily in his word.

Humble Your Self

One of the key things you can do to have your broken marriage restored is to have humility and admit where you went wrong. A humble heart is what God loves. He gets the glory when you are brave to admit that your actions have contributed to the damage of your marriage. Humbling yourself about the situation demonstrates God’s love.

Even so, many people struggle to admit that they are in the wrong. If you are one of them, ask God for help. Certainly, he will walk with you and stand by you as you open up and talk with your partner.

Work On Your Communication Skills

Most couples when they have divorce issues do not communicate often. Did you know that lack of communication keeps your hearts further apart from each other? Your mind stops thinking about your spouse. In the long last, your love for your spouse dies completely. So, keep the communication going if you want to have your marriage back after a divorce.

Ephesians 4:15, also admonishes us to be honest one to another and to speak to each other with hearts full of love. Speaking to each other here refers to communication.

Nonetheless, your communication should be done in love. That is to say, do not make your spouse a call so as to insult them or remind them of the evil they did. No, Proverbs 18:13-19 asks us to respond in a Godly way to our partners, despite what happens.

Reflect On Your Marriage

Start by evaluating your marriage. The most important thing to do is to talk to God in prayer and allow Him to restore your marriage.  Reflect on your relationship with your spouse then ask yourself some questions such as; If God is the only solution to my broken marriage, can I admit that I can’t fix my problems? Can I trust him to restore my marriage?

AS God allows everything to unfold, what must I do? Am I ready to persevere even if my spouse does not respond? What are the problems in my marriage that I will present before God? After all these questions, take time to reflect on your answers.

Pray For Yourself, Marriage and Your Mate

The bible is clear that God hates divorce, and so, he wants couples to stay married.  So, while waiting on God to restore your marriage after divorce expects Him to intervene supernaturally in your situation. Therefore, don’t allow fear and unbelief to paralyze you causing you to believe your problems may be too huge for God. Trust that God will move mountains on your behalf.

A good way to fight a battle is only on your knees. For this reason, God becomes your general. Pray and ask Him to restore your marriage and tell Him the changes you want to see in your relationship. Pray for your partner and ask God for the healing of his heart. Remember, it is God’s battle; He knows what your marriage needs to improve, so ask him in prayer.

Will God Restore My Marriage After Divorce? Be still

When fighting the Lord’s battle with Him, the best thing you can do is to be still. Let go of all the pain, anger, jealousy, and hate.  While you let his love falls over you, bringing peace to your heart. Moreover, when you stay still, God will speak to you. And, as the perfect general, He is. Thus, He will let you know where you need to be and what you have to do so that you can win the battle and have your marriage restored.

Being still, shows you have put your trust in God to head the battle of your marriage. So, be patient as He restores your marriage and do the things He guides you to do. In other words, He will heal your relationship if you turn it over to him.

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When your marriage falls apart, call on God to help you, since without God, it’s impossible to patch up your marriage. With him, however, it doesn’t matter how damaged the marriage is. What may appear irreparable becomes possible. After all, nothing is impossible with God.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter how long you have been asking, “Will God restore my marriage after divorce?” The truth is, if you allow him to reign in it, He is able.  So, apply the points in this write-up and let him restore the marriage.

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