Why Is Creed Perfume So Expensive? Shocking Facts!

The creed perfume; a product manufactured by a multi-national brand company located in England, is the most expensive fragrance. While other perfumes have varying prices that are considered fare by most buyers, the creed price tag remains high.

So, why is creed perfume so expensive?

Many factors contribute to the price of this perfume. Just to mention, the ingredients, qualities, being a royal’s brand as well as celebrities’ top choice are some of the factors that contribute to its high price.

Is that all? Not really, there is more than this.

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Why Is Creed Perfume So Expensive: Outstanding Quality

Definitely, there are many other perfumes that are of top quality. The Hugo boss cologne is one of them. Nonetheless, creed perfumes tend to outrank them all. Here’s why? The mode of manufacturing this perfume explains it all. Let’s explain in brief.

While other perfumes are manufactured using machinery, creed production is manual.

That is to say, the weighing, mixing, soaking, and filtering of ingredients is all done by people, not machinery. What do you expect from that? It is a fascinating perfume that can only grab your attention and won’t let you go until you get yourself a bottle, right?

Interestingly, creed manufacturers have never compromised on their quality. They have retained their top-notch quality since 1760, 260 years later! That’s amazing.

Perfume Scents

Still wondering why is creed perfume so expensive? Let me ask you, have you been to a wedding, and someone passed left feeling like you would collapse due to the strong, irritating odor that hit your face?

Well, I have. And times, I have approached some and told them, “Hey! Lay of that scent! It’s killing everyone here!”

And before they can say a word, I leave! You just can’t stand another second with them due to the odor.

My point? The smell matters. Even if you get the perfume at a throw-away price and it has a terrible smell, for what use would it be to you? Would it even serve its purpose?

Or don’t you know that perfume lovers don’t really use perfume for their sake but those around them? Sounds crazy, right? But that just the ugly truth! Otherwise, people would use perfumes even when retiring to bed!

On the contrary, they only use them when they are attending public meetings, church events, going for a date, and such.

So, if those surrounding you feel you smell like a dead dog, for what use would it be spending dollars on such a perfume?

A pleasant, attractive smell is worth every coin. Such is the creed perfume.


You all agree that most of the cheap perfumes are products of synthesis ingredients. Yes, even people who use perfume makers kit to make their perfumes at home, go wrong at times. Why? Some choose cheaper ingredients.

However, with creed perfume, the manufacturers use only organic, raw, and natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are pricey as they tend to have durable scents. Plus, they are safe for users. As a result, you will not have health issues such as nausea, sneezing, migraines, and difficulty breathing.

Definitely, this answers the question, “Why is creed perfume so expensive?” See, your health comes first. That is what you are paying for when you buy the creed perfume.

Celebrities’ Top Choice

Worth noting is that celebrities often love using products that are of high-quality. They consider themselves of a high standard, and they won’t compromise on brand quality lest they lose their fame. They will pay any amount to get products of high-quality.

Royalties and celebrities want perfume, which, when they use, will make passersby turn their necks in aww. They want people to ‘stable’ as they look in amazement at them due to the charming scent they leave behind.

Without a doubt, you now understand why creed perfume is closely associated with celebrities as well as royalties. Joseph DeAcetis, who is a top contributor on Forbes, confirms this by saying, “The house of Creed is the only family-owned luxury fragrance dynasty that has served royal houses as well as the public for over 250 years.”

So, yes, this is a brand for the royals, you can join them just by buying a creed perfume one! What’s more? The perfume is suitable for both men and women.

Over To you

My sincere hope that I have answered the controversial question, “Why Is Creed Perfume So Expensive?” Plus, you have also got enough reasons as to why you should buy this perfume for yourself, your boyfriend, mum, or dad.

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